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invitatio to sit

an invitation to sit, 2022


VisArts, Rockville, MD

The seating installation, "an invitation to sit" is an accompaniment to Emilia Beatriz's a forecast, a haunting, a crossing, a visitation (2019) video installation, exhibited as part of the larger exhibition "In Dispersion." The bench and floor cushions, inspired by landscapes filmed in the piece, hold viewers comfortably and create an immersive experience as they watch the three channel video exploring the history of land, colonization, and the Puerto Rican diaspora. 


The Cloud Watching Series, 2022

Disillusioned by the pressures of a market-based art world and a culture of constant hustle and production, I embraced cloud watching as a defiant act of leisure in rejection of the overbearing social expectations to “achieve, compete, excel, and succeed.” Influenced by my return to watching children’s animation from my childhood, the colorful patterns are a visual connection to memories of joy, discovery, and fulfillment not attached to production or monetary worth. These quilts are objects that function as part of a personal rite of spiritual grounding. They promote a contentment with “being” in response to the pressures of “needing to become.”


Walk This Way, 2022

This unique nature walk expands notions of place, movement and the relationship between humans and nature. Walking along Kingsley Trail in Little Bennett Regional Park, participants take on the role of “performer” as they encounter park signs with written prompts for actions or hypothetical questions to engage with. These posted prompts facilitate intentional interaction between the participant, trees, stream and sky highlighted throughout the trail.


This project was made possible through the Cultivate Project Grant, and with the support of the Montgomery Parks, MNCPPC

View more photos from the trail here.


Body Sculptures, 2021
Collaborator: Gabriel Soto

Filmed in Oak Park, IL

A collection of movements presented as live sculptures between two people who spent nine months apart during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 


Melting Rain Jacket, 2019

Collaborator: Gabriel Soto

Filmed in Chicago, IL

A constructed garment and performance piece on the power of impermanence and redundancy. Under a shower of water, a rain jacket disintegrates leaving the wearer vulnerable to the elements.